About UsLeading Dairy Food Products Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Company of India

The Ajanta Dairy is Dairy Food Products Company with a multinational strategy that seeks to increase the well-being of consumers throughout the world.”


Ajanta Dairy was established in the year 1975, has emerged as one of the Agra's Premier Private Sector Dairy Products Manufacture & Exporter, Supplier in India. Since the beginning, We as a company most emphatically fortify a sense of responsibility towards every customer, so we can deliver the best upto our ability. We have always focused on delivering world class products from the freshest and cleanest sources. We have gone the extra mile to bring the freshness and purity that is singular to farms. Our company is committed to consistently provide a high level of service that exceeds the expectations of the customers using the Corporate Values as the guiding principles.

Ajanta Dairy take pride in introducing as one of India’s leading Quality Milk Products manufactures, exporters and suppliers of dairy food products, in the adjoining areas and hence it has invested extensively in installing hi tech automated machines to ensure high product quality/reliability and safety.


Ajanta Dairy is an ISO 22000:2005 (International Standard Organization), and FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) certified company, located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. We also ensure that every shipment of products meets the high quality standards that the company sets. Extensively trained quality assurance inspectors maintain samples and thorough specification documentation for every product offered. This enables Our Company to enforce ongoing compliance with all specifications. Sophisticated sampling techniques and statistical methods directly enhance the effectiveness of these stringent QA procedures.


Over the years, Ajanta Dairy has been churning out quality and innovative dairy products from India. The company is one of the largest processors and handlers of dairy products in India in the Premier Private Milk Dairy Sector. We are also in the process of massive production and marketing of value added dairy food products. Under the brand name of "Ajanta" We manufacturers various dairy products, which include Sterilized Canned Paneer, Sterilized Canned Low-fat Cream and Pizza Cheese (Mozzarella) which are famous for the safety, wholesomeness and nutritional values.

Our policy is to be in complete compliance with hightly Standards in the country. Our products are reputed for their good quality in the market for over than thirty years. Our company is poised to bring about consistent quality improvements in its products and services at a rapid pace.


To be recognized, by our customers, as a leader of the Dairy Foods business. To become the benchmark by which all other competitors are measured.


To achieve our mission we are committed to maintaining and setting high quality standards of our product. Our forte is research and innovation by which means we will introduce novel high quality product.


In pursuit of our objectives, Ajanta Dairy is:

  • Dedicated to the customers
  • Striving to exceed expectation of consumers, farmers and all other stakeholders.
  • Focused on innovation, creative thinking and dynamic salutions.
  • Contribute to the advancement and improvement of farmers associated with us.